Air Conditioners Need Regular Maintenance - July 12th 2005

Air Conditioners Need Regular Maintenance

Q: We had air conditioning retrofitted to our home a few years ago. There is the compressor and evaporator in the attic and the condenser outside with long runs of copper tubing. Every year the refrigerant is low at the start of the season and has to be topped up. The installers first sealed a leak that appeared every year, then with a lot of hassle replaced the evaporator. The next year the refrigerant was low again. We called another firm who couldn't find a leak, topped up the refrigerant last year and now the system is low again. My experience with air conditioning is that it should be maintenance free. The firm that last saw it now claims the leaks are violating environmental laws and everything needs replacement.

A: Wow, your last service representative was a lot of help! I think what you will find is that your problem stems from expansion and contraction depending on the temperature of the refrigerant when it tests low. The main question is do you have to replace or top up the refrigerant during the cooling season. If Not - keep up the service agreement with the contractor who is giving you the best service. I would hope you would try our Housesmart Referral Network who have Heating and Air Conditioning specialists at 604 542 2236. Keep in mind no system is maintenance free and should be maintained yearly.