Adjusted Teleposts in the House - August 29th 2005

Adjusted Teleposts in the House

Q: All my life I have wondered how one is supposed to know if the teleposts in the house are correctly adjusted. How do I tell? Can I damage my house by adjusting them incorrectly? My house is now 25 years old.

A: Teleposts are used during home construction to level the main beam (centre beam) by screwing the levelling device up or down. The initial adjustment to level the main beam during construction would be the last adjustment unless it is necessary to take up shrinkage or settlement in the main beam. As the years pass your home becomes very dry and set in place and it is best not to adjust the posts any further as you could cause drywall cracks or take the doors out of plumb etc. In my experience builders using teleposts during construction would often discard the turning bar in the fear that new homeowners might try adjusting out of curiosity. Not a good idea!