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April 21st 2017

This is Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog... Shell talks about issues home owners will face and new products that will wow you. Check back regularily, because Shell adds to his blog each week!
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Happy Easter From Shell Busey's Home Service Referral Network

April 13th 2017

Happy Easter and a good Good Friday to you all!
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CondoSmarts - Buyers Crisis

April 12th 2017

Dear Tony: Please print our letter. Our situation is something every first time home buyer should be aware of. We purchased into an older 4 floor wood frame apartment building in Richmond in September of 2016. At the time we were aware of a new roof being planned from the contingency fund but nothing else was disclosed in the minutes of the strata meetings or as an immediate issue in the depreciation report. What we didn’t realize at the time is that the depreciation report was written by a v
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Noisy Pipes Offer a Clue

April 3rd 2017

A plumbing system may produce any number of noises – but it shouldn’t. Each noise tells you something about what is calling out for correction. You just have to interpret the sound to apply the cure.
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Cleaning Exterior Siding and Decks

March 21st 2017

Although spring cleanup may seem like a major chore, cleaning your decks, driveways and siding are great projects to complete early in the season. All you need to get started is a garden hose, a low pressure sprayer, a long handled brush and a quality exterior cleaning product. Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula, available in powder form can be used for all outside cleaning projects such as; concrete, decks, siding, fencing, asphalt, vinyl decking, stucco and eaves troughs etc. For removing gre
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Save Money on your Spring Renovations

March 14th 2017

There is a lot of interest these days from homeowners looking to find ways to save money while investing on improvements to their home. With spring here, many are beginning to plan their exterior renovations. If you are considering a major renovation project for the summer, now is the time to get your budget and plans in order to ensure the best possible end result.
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Daylight Savings - Spring Forward

March 9th 2017

This weekend is Daylight Savings, we have to move our clocks forward. When local standard time is about to reach Sunday, March 12, 2017 at 2:00:00 am clocks are turned forward 1 hour to Sunday, March 12, 2017, 3:00:00 am local daylight time instead.
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CondoSmarts - Strata Fee Diversion Bylaws Deemed Unenforceable

March 9th 2017

Dear Tony: I have owned my strata lot for 22 years in East Vancouver. In September I received a notice from my strata council that I had altered my balcony without written permission, and unless I was prepared to have the alteration removed I would be fined $200 a week. I responded that it has always been this way and if it was altered, the construction was done before I ever purchased. Council responded that it didn’t matter as it was my balcony and started fining me. To make matters worse, o
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From New drywall to Primer and Paint

March 8th 2017

Q: We are putting up new drywall and after taping and sanding how long should we leave it before painting and how do we prepare the drywall properly for the paint?
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Getting Rid Of Nicotine Stains On The Ceiling

March 7th 2017

Q) We just bought a twelve year old condo and the ceilings need help. The previous owners were smokers so the living and dining room ceilings are coated with nicotine, the hallway and kitchen not quite as bad and the bedrooms and bathrooms just a little yellow. The main area has been painted before. I understand that if I just paint over the nicotine it will come back.
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