CondoSmarts - Civil Resolution Tribunal: The First Decision

January 12th 2017

Dear Tony: "How do we get our council to...." This is the opening line to the many thousands of emails and letters our offices receive every month. Ever since the first strata was filed in BC back in the mid 1960's, strata councils, owners, tenants and occupants have struggled with the challenges of accessible justice. The cost was not the only barrier that prevented many strata corporations and owners from taking action when their rights were violated, or the strata bylaws were breached or the
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(Video) Podcast - Episode 79

January 6th 2017

The Podcast is a new version of the Home Discovery Radio Show Shell Busey used to do every weekend across Western Canada. In the Podcast, Shell answers YOUR emails, to have your email answered, join Shell's Club. It's Just That Easy!
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CondoSmarts - Who Pays For Strata Lot Damages?

January 5th 2017

Dear Tony: Our strata has just discovered a ventilation problem where the bathroom fans were not connected and simply blew into a wall cavity between 2 rooms in our townhouse complex. We have corrected the problem by having a contractor complete the venting through common property to the exterior, but several units that did not have the connections have a significant amount of moisture damage and mold. The owners are insisting the strata pay the bill and we have had advice that we are not respon
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LOL - Funny Tool Truths And Definitions

January 4th 2017

Shell was sent this funny email from a friend and believes any man who has ever bought a tool, touched a tool, or looked at a tool will understand this...
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Prevent Freezing Pipes

January 3rd 2017

Frozen pipes can pose a problem anywhere temperatures hover around 0 degrees Celsius. While the good news is that frozen or burst pipes do not endanger people, the bad news is that the damage to your home or property can be extensive --damaging floors, ceilings, walls, rugs and furnishings.
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Roof Truss Movement or Truss Uplift

January 2nd 2017

Q. We live in a one level rancher and we would like to take care of a problem that occurs every year. Every winter the ceiling is separating from the wall and sets itself back into place in the summer. Is there something I can do to correct the problem before we install our new crown moulding?
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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

December 16th 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Shell Busey's Home Service Referral Network and from the Podcast! The Podcast will take a break for the holiday's, but will be returning on Friday January 6, 2017. Our South Surrey Showroom will be closed for renovations from Monday December 19 until Tuesday January 3, 2017. During our renovations, the Shell Busey Home Service Referral Network will remain OPEN.
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CondoSmarts - Council Asks for Funding Before Getting Cost Quotes

December 15th 2016

Dear Tony: Our strata council presented two resolutions at our AGM last week to approve $100,000 for a new roof and $68,000 for balcony membranes. They included these as a majority vote, because they were recommended to be replaced in 2017 and they are planning to have the work done through next summer. The problem with blankly presenting these resolutions is no one knows what the real amount is going to be. Will it be more, less, require additional services, or require a special levy to meet a
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Asbestos Awareness

December 14th 2016

You may have seen Work Safe BC's asbestos awareness ads on TV or on radio recently, warning people of potential risks if you live in a home that was built before 1990. Shell says Asbestos cannot jump out of the wall at you, as long as the material containing asbestos is undisturbed, you don't have any risk. Once the asbestos is disturbed, it becomes airborne and can pose serious risks.
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Shell Buseys Home Improvements and Renovations

December 13th 2016

Here is a video made by a homeowner who was thrilled with the work done by Shell Busey's Home Improvements and Renovations. The before and after pictures show how they have transformed their house into a place where they will be happy to raise a family.
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